30 Minute Recipes: Maple-Glazed Tofu with Garlic Bok Choy Saute & Brown Rice

No longer will tofu be considered tasteless! This Asian inspired, maple-glazed tofu is a filling, delicious dish that adds a hint of maple syrup for a home cooked feel.If you’re not a tofu lover, we encourage you to give this 30-minute recipe a try. It may just surprise you :-)

From start to finish: | Yield: 2 servings


1 (~12 oz | 340 g) pkg extra firm tofu
1 cup instant brown rice
4 cloves garlic
4 – 5 bunches baby bok choy
1/8 tsp red pepper flakes
2 tsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp rice vinegar
2 tbsp pure maple syrup
4 tbsp low-sodium soy sauce


  1. Drain 1 pkg tofu and cut into 1″ (2 1/2 cm) cubes. Place a clean towel on the counter, transfer tofu cubes to one half, and cover with the other. Press down to get as much moisture out as possible.
  2. Add 1 cup water to a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Once boiling, add 1 cup instant brown rice and 1/8 tsp salt. Reduce heat to low, cover with a lid, and simmer for 5 minutes. Then remove from heat, stir, and let it stand for 5 minutes until water is absorbed. Meanwhile …
  3. Heat a saute pan over medium-high heat. Once well heated, add 1 tsp vegetable oil and swirl to coat surface. Then add tofu and, stirring frequently, cook until golden brown, 4-6 minutes. Meanwhile …
  4. Peel and crush (or mince) 4 cloves garlic. In a small bowl, mix together 1/2 of the garlic, 2 tbsp pure maple syrup, 3 tbsp low-sodium soy sauce, and 1 tbsp rice vinegar.
  5. Wash 4-5 bunches baby bok choy, trim bottoms, and separate leaves.
  6. Once tofu is browned, add sauce from bowl to pan and mix with tofu. Stirring regularly, cook until liquid reduces to a thick syrup and coats tofu, about 3 minutes. Then transfer tofu to a plate.
  7. Return pan to stove over medium heat. Add 1 tsp vegetable oil and swirl to coat surface. Then add garlic and 1/8 tsp red pepper flakes. Stir until fragrant, 15-30 seconds.
  8. Add bok choy and 1 tbsp low-sodium soy sauce. Tossing regularly, cook until stalks are tender-crisp and leaves are wilted, 3-4 minutes. Season with 1/8 tsp salt and 1/8 tsp pepper. Toss to coat.
  9. Serve tofu with rice and bok choy on a plate or in a bowl. Enjoy 1/2 for dinner and pack up leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch!