Simple & healthy free meal planning app for busy people

Mealime's meal planning app is perfect for busy people looking to cook simple, personalized and healthy meals at home quickly and stress-free.

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The meals are quick, simple, healthy, and delicious. It's epic.

Logan F. from Solana Beach, California

Cook healthy meals in 30 minutes (or less)

Even if you don’t know how to cook.

Mealime is great! I rave about it to my friends and family. It's gotten me back in the kitchen, eating good and healthy foods and saving money in the process!! Love IT!!

Danielle G. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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  1. Each recipe has been optimized to take the least possible amount of time to cook
  2. Follow our hassle-free and logical path to completion
  3. See how much of ingredients you need right in the instructions. No need to reference another list.

No more stressful “what do I eat for dinner?” decisions to make

Have Mealime plan your meals for you. That's one less thing you have to think about when you're tired and just want to relax.

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  1. Have a complete overview of your meals for the week. From recipes to a grocery list, we've got you covered.
  2. Stop endlessly searching for recipes. Create your own custom meal plan in just one click.
  3. Save your favourites for a great meal in a pinch.

The service has changed my life because I now know how to cook and I'm eating much healthier.

Scott F. from Budd Lake, New Jersey

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  1. Find ingredients easily by following our categorized list so your trips are quick and efficient.
  2. Grab exactly what you need for each meal plan and use it all up during the week.
  3. Check off items as you pick them up. Easy peasy!

Grocery shop like a ninja and reduce food waste

Get all the ingredients you need in one weekly run and make use of all of them! Plus, avoid impulse purchases and spend less.

@mealime I’m a good cook, but wasted a lot of leftovers now that I live alone, and kept making the same things. You've helped fix that!

Adam R. from Bangor, Maine

Healthy meal plans that are your own

Mealime is the 1st meal planning service that creates a truly personal experience for you.

HOLY JEBUS tonight's @mealime dinner is amazing! Roasted paprika chicken with garlic and feta cheese asparagus? WANT TO EAT FOREVER!

Hans S. from Vancouver, British Columbia

Eat healthy, have fun, and be empowered in the kitchen

Have more energy, work smarter, and bring home the bacon.

Love you guys and your service. I can't even calculate the amount of money I've saved. And my new-found confidence in the kitchen has encouraged me to stretch myself there and in other areas of my life.

Calum G. from San Francisco, California

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